Mount Rainer

 I'm working on five-hundred some-odd shots I took with my iphone and new Canon T3i.  I also have a bit of a surprise that will go up when I finish my post about the whole trip.  In the mean time enjoy this great shot Jed took as he left Washington, flying over Mt Rainer.


Pool-side Courage

Hard to believe a month ago he feared water.


Russian Gym Coaches

So in effort to find ways to burn energy constructively, Amy enrolled all three kids into a gymnastics class. They had a ball jumping on trampolines and doing summersaults. The kicker is the school is ran by Russian gymnastic coaches.

Nice people, but for some reason listening to their strong accents makes the whole experience seem more serious. Expect the kids in the 2020 or 2014 Olympics?


Monopoly For A 5 Year-old

I guess you're never to young to be taught ruthlessness in the world of money. Jack took a some enjoyment knocking dad out of the Star Wars Monopoly game, but immediately apologized for beating me. Amy laughed at my losing.

"Can we play another game baba? I won't take all your money this time, 'kay?"

Ruthless he is not. Looks like I can strike Wall Street off the list of things he may be when he grows up. Jedi-cowboy-ninja is still a possibility.

Skyler continues live a life as one of the Three Stooges. For example, this evening Ollie rotated a patio chair and caught Sky right between the eyes. She cried a bit, then moved on with life and adventure; always a grin on her face. She has a look of someone who knows a little bit more than anyone else, and finds the world constantly amusing. I fear the teenage years.

Fear them.

Olivia is, well, Olivia. Since going diaperless several months ago, she hasn't had an accident at night. By far my cleanest child. But she will wake up at 1am, screaming at the top of her lungs that her blankets don't cover her upper torso. "MA CAUVERS FELL OFF!" My Cuddle Bunny.

So, child updates in a word? Jack- emotional, Sky- nonchalant, and Ollie- dependent. Or, another way to look at it; Jack- passionate, Sky- scheming, and Ollie- clean. God, I love raising these kids.


The Parasite Plague

April is shaping up to be one hell of time for the head parasites. A week ago I enjoyed pulling a tick from Jack's head, and Wednesday a note attached to the girls' bedding stated that lice was discovered on a 2 year-old at the school. I'll be looking for nits for the remainder of the month.

Back to the tick. It was Amy's first experience with the blood-suckers. I'm pretty sure we got it two weeks prior at Grandpa and Grandma's house. I will state proudly that I was able to remove the tick with its head I intact.

Dad scores a point. Ding!

Since my last post the twins leveled to 3 years-old and I put some Ikea furniture together. I live one hell of an exciting life.