2012, A New Year

According to the Mayan calendar we have 356 days until the end of the world. So hug your loved ones and maybe even the ones you don't like so much, and reach for those rings.
I will have to say they, being the Mayans, we're at least gracious enough to pick the end of the world during a Leap Year, so we could have an extra day of existence.
On a more personal note, today's high was around 70-degrees, which made it one of the best New Year's Eves that I've had. I spent most of the day with family and the kids outside. I'm making more days like today my New Year's resolution.


Oh, So That is a Toilet

My lovely little girls have discovered toilet paper. They have especially discovered that it is very accessible while going potty. And Amy and myself have discovered that toilet paper must be hidden in all bathrooms, and doled out like WWII rations.

a Christmas tradition I haven't had in years returned last week when Jack and I mixed up a batch of Hertzhen, pronounced "Haw-ztah". These were a Christmas treat throughout my childhood, and the recipe was included in the family Christmas card from my grandmother. Due to a complete lack will power I devoured most of the cookies within 4-5 days, and had to quickly hand them out to friends, neighbors and co-workers before I ate them all.

In final news the family attend our first "child's non-school function". A nice Christmas banquet was held with Jack's Kungfu school. There were awards, prizes, food, drink, and my niece, Linda, sang karaoke with some classmates. The evening ended with Earng and myself waving a Zippo lighter app on our iphones as the performers worked their way though Adele's "Someone like You." 

Since I'm not the most timely person in the world, Merry Christmas! I'm sure I'll do New Year's cards at some, I haven't even thought about doing those yet.


This Is a Chicken


Remember, this is, in fact, a chicken seen at the Burlington County fair.  

That and I've uploaded 6 months of photos to Flickr.  Go check for proof that my family still exists.

Also note that Olivia broke her collar bone rough 1 hour after this picture was taken last Summer.


Sea World

An impromptu decision to in early November had the family pack up and head South to San Antonio to visit Uncle Jed.

Despite a sick Olivia and the high possibility I passed a kidney stone Saturday Morning we medicated up with ibuprofen and spent a full six hours looking at sea lions, sharks, and Shamu.  The Shamu show There were three killer whales at the show and I can tell you now that three tails lined up can splash a bunch of water a helluva long way. Amy got video of Jed and Sky getting drenched.  I'll let the short video detail the action a bit better.



Jack Sparing

Jack has been doing a safer version of fight club for a couple of months now.  It is neat to see him in action to release a little of his aggression and exercise in a safe discipline atmosphere. In case it is hard to tell, Jack is on the left.


edit 12/4/11:  Looks like Youtube didn't like me using that song in my video, so they stripped the music, but left the video..If you crank the sound you'll hear a bit of the shifu saying a couple of things, but now it is a silent movie. Uh, seems to be working fine now. Let me know if it isn't.