Fitts's Law


MT = a + b log2(2A/W)

First off,  I need better hobbies.

I'm sitting here doing the official Google Video upload thing (I'll hopefully have a link by tonight or tomorrow morning), and Jack is asleep.  What do I do during my few minutes here and there of decompression and relaxation time?  Well I use to WoW, but now I zone and browse the world wide web.

 Though I know the world is full of mathematicians,  I never fully recognized the extent that math can play in random acts of common sense.  I bring to you Fitts's Law.  Yes, I read the article in full.  Yes, some part of me found it interesting.

In a nutshell Fitts states that bigger objects are easier to target (eg. click with a mouse) than smaller targets.  That is a pretty complicated formula up top for something that many find as common sense.

Looks like I'll have to hit up my two web design gurus and see how often they say, "Well now, that is an excellent use of Fitts's Law!"


This week in Jack 10/7/07

IMG_1224, originally uploaded by Tyson Kuhn.

Jack and Aiden hanging out at a play area at a local mall.

This last week Jack continued his love of being mobile.  Sometimes I fear I may have to test him for human growth hormones or steroids, since he is crawling is at olympic speeds.  Seriously, I'm practicing to blink faster, so I can keep an eye on him.

This last weekend we took our first trip out of town to San Antonio, to visit great Uncle Jed.  Jack did great! The kid makes parenting so easy. He is doing it to con Amy and me into producing a sibling for him.  I know it!  Well, he'll have to keep waiting:)

 We took a stroll along the infamous River Walk and pasted through the Alamo.  We had missed the hatchet throw by 10 minutes.  The Alamo had a group people dressed up like the old days play acting the life and times before Santa Anna started his assault.

After a short break back at the house, we ate a quick bite (and watched OU score the final points of the Red River game) then went to Sea World.  They had a neat little Halloween special with Shamu, and I don't think Jack blinked for the entire 20 minute show.  The rest of the evening we strolled around to see the Penguins, sharks, fish,  dolphins, and the Budwieser clydesdale horses.

It was a great weekend, and Jack took all in stride like any other day.

Hopefully some time this week I'll get the google video thing uploaded and everyone can see him attempting to walk (with assistance from dad).

Until then.

Building the Foundation First


I've decided to work on more of the important factors that I want this website to focus on then get into the actual design afterwords.  Above you'll see a button called "Family blog".  My ultimate goal is to get all family members access to that specific blog, and hopefully develop an  easy alternative to link pictures, video, or just shoot the bull in your neck of the woods.  Have a good one.

Baby Steps

Head Scratching

For the few who actually make their way to this infant site, you may notice little changes here and there.  It is mostly me playing and learning the code.  If anyone was on yesterday my entire site was down due to an extra "space" in code that threw my whole database off.  Took me forever to find it.

Well, my latest quest is seeing if the picture above actually pops up.  Guess we'll see and learn.

Have a good one.

So why do this?

One thing that I've definitely NOT been doing for about 3-4 years now is expanding my horizons and trying new things. Yah, yah, things like getting married, buying a house, and having Jack don't count :P

Anyway, So here I am with a couple of friends ,who are web design gurus, and family which is nicely spaced up and down Tornado Alley! With a website I can learn the inner workings of internet life, and hopefully develop a tool that can reach out and let family and friends communicate easier.

Anywho, I guess we'll see how this whole thing works out...

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