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The Educator's Arms Race

Jack is starting his Spring semester in Kindergarten. In the past 6 months we have had an arrest of a P.E. teacher for being "touchy" with a student over a series of years, and the terrible loss of children and teachers at Newton, CT. Where can a child be safe if the dangers are on both sides of the wall?

Tuesday I read that my school district had decided to follow through with the NRA's recommendation of having armed guards at all schools ( http://bit.ly/ZWsp7e ). I'm not even entertaining the thought to what better uses $2.7 million could be used for in education.

To be honest, my feelings are mixed. The thought of a Blackwater contractor, or Barney Fife roaming the halls fills me with dread. The terrorists win, I'm sure someone has said. They win if a single act can change a society with fear. And I'm not shock-jocking with the word "terrorist". That term means both local and foreign. Mr. McVay taught us that.

On the other hand the article does have a point by having trained personnel with fire arms being safer than training educators. Maybe? But do we need kids to see a holstered firearm on school grounds? And seriously, this is Texas. TEXAS! Guns are cleaned more than the average man in this state.

I guess... I guess I want to retain the innocence of childhood for as long as possible. It can't be wrong to continue the thinking that magic and fairytales exist for as long as possilbe. Even in my cynical view of humanity at my youngish age, I still prefer Dreamworks or Pixar over anything else in the theaters.